tinyPM Structure

While working with tinyPM you will be using the following elements:

The highest level element you work with. You can have many projects in your tinyPM. You will be tracking progress of those projects over time. You can use tinyPM's projects also for products, modules or any other high level element of your choice. It's up to you.

They are a way to indicate requirements and features you will be delivering. So each project consists of a set of user stories. There is no hierarchy among them, so both epics and stories in progress occupy the same level.

Each story can be divided into tasks. They indicate actions required to complete a story. While working on story you and your teams will be actually doing tasks. When all tasks are completed, the story is also considered completed.

They are your time boxes. Each project can be divided into iterations, which have a start date and duration. During such a time box you will be trying to deliver stories that were planned (assigned) for the iteration. Some of your stories will remain unassigned, which means you want to deliver them later. You can plan ahead as many iteration as you like, but first make sure you know enough story details to do that.

Thanks to the privileges and roles in tinyPM you can give different users access to different projects. All users having access to a project will become team members (no matter which role they have). They may be contributing to the project or just watching its progress. That doesn't matter. What they are allowed to do is controlled through roles.

tinyPM has an integrated Wiki. This means that you get a start page where you can build your company documentation. You will be able to create more pages for projects and other use. There is no structure or hierarchy other than the one you create on your own by linking pages together. That's how the Wiki works.

tinyPM will also provide you with a cross-project information using dashboard and history where you will be able to quickly see what is going on with your whole portfolio of projects/products.