Commit Syntax

When using Beanstalk, Gihub or Bitbucket integration, you need to use the proper syntax for your commit messages.

Linking commits to user stories

Simply include a user story #id in the commit message #512 and the commit will show up on this story card.

Example commit message:

Display recommended products #512

If the email address associated to your GitHub/Bitbucket account doesn't match the email address of your tinyPM user, then commit author will be unknown in tinyPM.

Linking commits to tasks

To add a reference link to a commit, just include a label like task:123 in the commit message.

Example commit message:

"Added lookup field task:123"

Move tasks via commit messages

Add a message like completed task:123 and tinyPM will update the task status when you push your commit.

Example commit messages:

Completed task:123

Finished task:123

Done task:123

Fixed task:123

Resolved task:123

If you don't have permission to edit tasks or you use different email addresses in tinyPM and GitHub/Bitbucket, this won't work.


When using other tools that parse commit messages, e.g. Github Issues, you may run into problems. #123 would reference both a tinyPM story and a Github issue. To avoid this, tinyPM allows for custom prefixes, for example story:123 You can configure them in the "Application Settings".