Beanstalk Integration

How it works

When you push your changes to Beanstalk, Beanstalk will forward your commit to tinyPM. By including a special text in the commit message you can indicate whether this commit is related to a user story or task in tinyPM:

  • mention a user story #id, like #123 to link the commit to this story
  • include the text Completed task:789 or Finished task:789 to change task status (move to completed)


To enable Beanstalk integration with tinyPM just activate a webhook in your Beanstalk repository:

  • In Beanstalk open a repo you manage and click on Settings
  • Select Integration
  • Click Modular Webhooks and Add a webhook
  • Add your URL - copy it from the "Application Settings" page in your tinyPM

Congratulations! Your Beanstalk integration is ready. Make some commits Commit syntax