Watch out! Agile tools sellers are shooting at you!

Marcin Niebudek

From time to time someone asks for the recommendation of an agile tool. Lately I read the Twitter message from one of those persons saying:

“Crazy how after asking what scrum tool I should use I got bombarded by a bunch of product sellers. They figured out the power of twitter.”

I admit, I was one of those “bombarding” guys :-) as I’ve sent a reply recommending our own tool. But it’s not the tool what matters now, but the question “Is it a spam when the creator of a tool sends the recommendation for it?”.

If we create software, especially for the agile part of the market, we believe in agile principles (I’m sure I’m talking not only for myself). Even more, I can’t imagine an agile software company want it’s product to be the third best product on the market. NO, I believe we all want it to be the FIRST one. We use those tools, not only produce them (you do use your own tools right? ;-)

Why (if so) do you believe that such recommendation can be dishonest, mean or have any other hidden bad intentions?

BTW. Never ask “which tool should I use”, but “which tool should I consider”. Evaluate… but first identify you real needs, starting with cards and whiteboard… maybe you don’t need anything else. And if you want to take a look at the agile tools, then take a look at:

After that you will really need a recommendation, right? :D

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