Waiting for a new tinyPM release?

Marcin Niebudek

New tinyPM 1.2 is coming in October but in the meantime we’ve prepared a feedback forum and a tinyPM users group for you.

Feedback Forum

As we get many e-mails asking about our plans and features that will be included in the next tinyPM releases,  starting from the tinyPM 1.2 version we would like to drive our product backlog based on the community ideas. So from now on you can check (and we can’t wait to hearing it from you) what’s waiting or should be done down the road at:


tinyPM at LinkedIn

Also to activate and form the community around tinyPM we invite you to join the users group at LinkedIn. There you can contact us directly as well as share you experience on using tinyPM in your agile projects with other tinyPM users. To join the group use the following invitation link:


Our Twitter Feed

Finally if you’re interested in what’s happening around tinyPM you can follow us on Twitter:


Your feedback is most wanted and valuable to us!
tinyPM Dev Team