UserVoice suggestions become tinyPM user stories

Marcin Niebudek

We’ve just release tinyPM 2.2.1 which adds new tinyPM connector for UserVoice. This plugin allows you to integrate your UserVoice forum with tinyPM sandbox and automatically import posted suggestions. When you’re ready you may convert them into stories.

Right now connector does not update suggestion statuses back in UserVoice forum, but we hope to handle that soon. So let’s take a look at how to configure new connector in tinyPM.

Connecting to your UserVoice forum with tinyPM

First thing you need to find is your forum URL. So simply go to your UserVoice page and go into your forum (if you have more of them). What you get in the address bar is the required forum URL.

tinyPM UserVoice feedback forum

After that choose Connector for UserVoice in tinyPM data source settings (projects list -> Project data sources) and set your forum URL.

Configuring tinyPM conenctor for UserVoice

That’s all you have to define. Now tinyPM will pool all new suggestions whenever they are posted to your UserVoice forum.

What else did we add in tinyPM 2.2.1?

  • defining more than one default task for your stories
  • defining estimated “time left” in the timesheet
  • Scrum-like iteration burndown chart based on “time left”
  • deleting more stories at once on backlog (new menu “Actions” for each iteration)
  • iterations are now always ordered by start and end dates
  • fixed “close iteration” problem when iteration positions are messed up
  • default iteration name pattern is now configurable in project settings
  • iteration number is editable again to be able to make “Iteration 0″ the first one and keep proper naming of subsequent iterations
  • added “Actions” menu for stories and sandbox items
  • editable user initials (no need to hack user names anymore)

We hope you will find all those changes helpful.

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