Upcoming Wiki Changes in v2.4 (part I)

Marcin Niebudek

It’s time to uncover some of upcoming changes in tinyPM v2.4. The main theme for this version is “Wiki”. We’ve just updated our DEMO to show you some already made improvements in the wiki syntax supported for new version of our agile tool.


So what will actually change? First of all supported wiki syntax has been greatly extended. tinyPM uses DokuWiki syntax by default and now it will allow you to use:

  • better text formatting with bold, italic, underline, monospace and deleted fragments
  • ordered, unordered and mixed type lists with many levels
  • preformatted code blocks
  • info, warning, tip and note color bocks for better information highlighting
  • tables with colspan support
  • better links handling

But there is more… Now tinyPM will support not only the DokuWiki syntax, but if you want you will be able to switch to (system wide setting):

  • Confluence
  • Trac
  • MediaWiki (Wikipedia)
  • Textile

So stay tuned as there are even more improvements still to come in tinyPM v2.4

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