tinyPM v2.2.2 More Personal

Marcin Niebudek

We’ve just released tinyPM v2.2.2 which makes user accounts more personal. Now you can add a profile photo, contact information and personal description. This is most important when working with distributed teams. Now your teammates from other locations will be able to know better real people behind user initials from the task cards on their taskboards.

tinyPM User Profile

tinyPM 2.2.2 comes also with improved connector for JIRA which now supports connecting to JIRA instances using self-signed SSL certificates. Among other fixes delivered with this release you will find:

  • improved story status presentation (combined tasks status and acceptance status into one indicator)
  • fixed tabindex on userstory and task forms
  • fixed default task for newly created projects
  • fixed problem with backlog rendering when user has no permissions to edit stories
  • fixed calculating task progress status by date (tasks burndown refreshing problem)

Last but not least starting from this release we provide standalone tinyPM version for Linux and OpenSolaris platforms. You can download new tinypm-2.2.2-install.jar installer from:


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