tinyPM is going to AgileEE 2010!

Marcin Niebudek

Once again we are going to Kiev for Agile Eastern Europe Conference which will run this Autumn (8-9th October). Last edition was a great event and we expect this year to be even better. It’s enough to look at the speakers lineup, to be sure that Agile Eastern Europe once again will become a really international event:

  • Henrik KNIBERG (Sweden)
  • Danko KOVATCH (Israel)
  • Marc LOFFLER (Germany)
  • Paul KLIPP (Poland)
  • Anda ABRAMOVICI & Sudhindra RAO (USA)
  • Robert DEMPSEY (USA)
  • Vasco DUARTE (Finland)
  • J.B. (Joe) RAINSBERGER (Canada)
  • Mack ADAMS (Canada/France)
  • Robin DYMOND (Canada/USA)
  • Yves HANOULLE (Belgium/France)
  • Monika KONIECZNY (Poland)
  • Andrea HECK & Tibor VIDA (Germany & Hungary)
  • Allan KELLY (UK)
  • Dr. Johannes MAINUSCH (Germany)
  • Sergey DMITRIEV (Norway)
  • Piotr ZOLNIEREK (Poland)
  • Sergei ANDRZEEVSKI (Russian Federation)
  • Andrea PROVAGLIO (Italy)
  • Pawel LIPINSKI (Poland)
  • Nikita FILLIPOV (Russian Federation)
  • Pavel GABRIEL (Belarus)
  • Artem SERDYUK (Ukraine)
  • Mikalai ALIMENKAU (Ukraine)
  • Timofey YEVGRASHYN (Ukraine)
  • Michael NORTON (USA)
  • Pawel BRODZINSKI (Poland)
  • Francois BACHMANN (Switzerland)
  • Jurgen APPELO (Netherlands)
  • Zsolt ZSUFFA (Hungary)
  • Gwyn MORFEY & Laurie YOUNG (UK)

We are proud to be once again to support the conference as a Bronze Sponsor, so if you use tinyPM, think about using it, want to talk about the tool, it’s capabilities and your need, then Kiev will definitely be a place where you can push us to the wall and ask all the hard questions.

If you haven’t decided yet to come, go on and REGISTER now!

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