tinyPM 2.0 Released

Marcin Niebudek

Few days after the Agile Eastern Europe conference where tinyPM 2.0 has been available for the first time we’re releasing it officially.

We were writing already about some of the new features that are available in the v2.0 here:

But this does not complete the features list. Some of them improved slightly from beta version, some new were added, so finally tinyPM 2.0 contains:

  • RESTlike API over HTTP
  • Personal RSS feeds for history events (along with redesigned history view)
  • Redesigned Backlog which now allows better prioritization and easier estimates editing
  • Redesigned Taskboard so that it has less distracting UI and fits better big screens (or high resolutions)
  • New Timesheet allowing to track real time spent on a task
  • New type of burndown for tracking budget (we wrote about it some time ago in “We Are in the Right Truck!“)

All those high level items contain also many small improvements and features that we hope will support even better daily activities every team member needs to do in tinyPM. You can take a look at them before updating in our DEMO application by logging with users demo1demo4 (with the same password)

Along with tinyPM 2.0 we’re launching our documentation site where you will find all valuable information about tinyPM installation, configuration, usage patterns, all in one place.


You can download new tinyPM at:


The new version contains some configuration changes, so always remember to backup you data before updating and take a look at INSTALL.txt and UPDATE.txt notes. Those of you who will be updating tinyPM Standalone also make sure that you follow UPDATE.txt after running tinypm-2.0-install.exe

So enjoy the new version of the tool. We’re always happy to hear from you.
tinyPM Dev Team

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