tinyPM 2.4 Released

Marcin Niebudek

Here it comes… tinyPM 2.4 has been released and brings brand new Wiki which is in fact a 5-in-1 solution. Why? Because now it supports five wiki syntaxes:

  • DokuWiki (default, but much better than the one you used to know from tinyPM)
  • Confluence
  • Trac
  • MediaWiki (Wikipedia)
  • Textile

What it means to you? For those of you who are already using tinyPM and already have created many wiki pages using DokuWiki syntax, it means a much improved parser with cool new capabilities like code block, colored boxes and nested lists. You don’t need to change anything. Your pages will simply render in a nicer way from now on.

For those of you who are starting to work with tinyPM a new wiki means that you may choose a syntax that you already know (as we support probably most popular syntaxes out there). You don’t need to learn new dialect, but just start writing your documentation right away.

Finally from now on wiki pages are versioned and you can see the changes using a diff view.

tinyPM 2.4 brings one more change. It’s project dashboard with project and iteration health statuses and LCD mode. This enables you to convert project page into an information radiator displayed continuously on some LCD screen in your team’s room. It will refresh automatically every few minutes.

You can see all those changes in our DEMO:


Remember also that you can make tinyPM speak your national language. All you need to do is to help others translate it using our new localization application provided in:


Chinese, Russian and Spanish translations have already been started! Don’t make them wait too long :-)

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