tinyPM 2.2 Released

Marcin Niebudek

We’ve just released the new tinyPM 2.2 version which comes with cool new features. This version introduces tinyPM plugins for new product management section called Sandbox and ships with two initial integrations for JIRA and POP3 mailboxes.

tinyPM Sandbox with JIRA and POP3 intergration

What’s new in tinyPM 2.2:

  • Sandbox with connectors for JIRA and POP3 mailboxes (plugins)
  • printing user story cards from taskboard
  • tinyPM now speaks French

Sandbox will enable product owners to buffer all ideas, early concepts and bugs coming from all the places like bug trackers, support mailboxes, forums, company CRM systems and more. Those items, before they actually hit the product backlog can be gathered in the Sandbox which provides helpful states: NEW, UNDER REVIEW, ACCEPTED, IN PROGRESS, COMPLETED, REJECTED.

It is also a 1-click operation to create a user story from Sandbox item.

Connectors for JIRA and POP3 mailboxes provide you a way to easy get your bugs and ideas from specially created e-mail accounts directly into tinyPM, where they can be managed on their way to becoming a product features.

You can read more about configuring connectors in tinyPM in the upcoming post. In the meantime take a look at our demo at:


Or download your own tinyPM Community Edition for FREE at:



  1. David Aitken -

    What is the REST/API interface to sandboxes? I want to be able to connect it up to my own system, and it would be great to be able to POST …/api/sandbox to create new sandbox entries…

  2. Marcin Niebudek -

    There is no API part for sandbox and timesheet at the moment, bu we will definitely extend it soon.

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