Taskboard Customization in Upcoming tinyPM 2.6

Marcin Niebudek

The awaited tinyPM 2.6 is almost ready and today we’re showing you the preview video with taskboard customization that will be available in this release.


You will be able to add columns to represent more granular states for tasks that are in progress. You will be also able to rename all existing columns. This will be of course done per project, so you can adjust each project taskboard separately.

Finally when removing taskboard column, all task that are currently in this column (in all iterations across the project) will be automatically moved to the previous state.

User stories will still have three states Рpending, in progress and completed. First task state will map to pending status, all task states in the middle will be treated as work in progress higher in the hierarchy and the last task state will be treated as completed status.

This is the first step of introducing more Kanban features in tinyPM. How do you like it?

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