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Timesheet now available in tinyPM 3.1

Maria HotloĊ›,

We’re very excited to announce that the new timesheet feature is now available in tinyPM 3.1. The timesheet is simple and easy to use. It allows you to log the time spent on tasks and gives you instant access to weekly reports by presenting them in a nice and clean table view. You may check out your tinyPM account right now or read on to learn more.

My timesheet

View and log the time spent on tasks of all of your projects with the new ‘My timesheet’ view.

my timesheet

Navigating your timesheet

Use the arrows to move back and forth through the weeks.

week navigation

Log hours

It’s easy to record how long you spent on a task. Just click the selected cell and change the value instantly. Using <TAB> key you can fill in several cells (days) quickly.

log time

What tasks are contained in the timesheet?

tinyPM knows what tasks you’re working on and displays the appropriate ones. Additionally, the cells are marked with color on days that you’ve been working on a given task.

What about the team?

For an overview of your team activity, just click the ‘Team’ button. You will see a list of people you share the projects with and their summary of hours displayed weekly.


Quick summary

In the sidebar, there is a summary of the current and the previous month – total hours by project and options to export them.


CSV Export

For each project you can download a CSV file, which contains all hours entered by all users during the month. This file you may easily open in your ‘office’ application and convert into your favorite report.


PDF Report

You can also download a ready to print report in a PDF format.


We hope this timesheet makes time tracking easy and fast for you. We’d like to know what you think, as we plan to continue improving it, so the feedback and new ideas are highly welcome.

tinyPM 2.3 Released

Marcin Niebudek,

We’ve just released tinyPM v2.3 which brings completely redesigned timesheet. New timesheet allows the team to look at time spent and time left estimated from the iteration perspective. It also provides the insight into all team members activity during the iteration which is more transparent than it was in the previous tinyPM versions. You can now easily see when the tasks were actually active during the iteration and who was working on them.

Filtering by user and iteration along with the time spent export to CSV format gives everybody the ability to create further reports using the data that already exits in tinyPM.

But wait… there is more. What else tinyPM v2.3 brings you this time?

  • time left can be directly edited on task cards (taskboard view)
  • improved tasks burndowns
  • foldable iterations on backlog view
  • user can choose not to receive e-mail notifications about actions he triggers
  • user own actions excluded from history RSS feed (now he sees what other teammates were doing)
  • user can delete his own comments
  • fixed drag and drop issues on backlog
  • fixed default tasks validation which caused errors when creating stories
  • improved help messages when getting started with tinyPM

If you want to see all this in action, take a look at our DEMO: