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tinyPM Survey Closed. We Know the Winner!

Marcin Niebudek,

This time we’re happy to announce the winner of the book “Management 3.0″ by Jurgen Appelo which was the prize in our survey. The survey was announced among our newsletter subscribers and users that registered in our support site after downloading tinyPM.

First of all thank you for participating in the survey. We value all the feedback that you’ve given us. We are even more happy as the survey allowed also people who didn’t decide to use tinyPM to share their reasons behind that decision.

So using our advanced prize drawing tools we have found a lucky winner… It’s Chris Townsend from UK. We’ve already contacted Chris and will be shipping the book soon!

Chris indicated that they are introducing agile in their company and don’t know yet how it will go. We are sure the book will give them lots of new hints as well as a new perspective on the management in general. Here is what else Chris said about tinyPM:

How is tinyPM helping you being more agile?

The taskboard is probably the most valuable as it’s a great way to visualise outstanding work.  The dashboard is probably next for us as it gives a good indication of progress overall.

What kind of projects do you use tinyPM for?

Web projects – currently the size of the projects has been relatively small, but TinyPM has been really handy for keeping track of requirements/time spent as well as introducing the team to agile methods that we can hopefully apply on larger projects in the future.

What would you change or add in tinyPM?

A hosted version!

Well, as for the latter we actually offer a hosted tinyPM, but we’re working on a tinyPM 3.0 which will start as a full SaaS solution from the very beginning. Those of you running tinyPM on your local servers don’t need to be worried. There will be still a downloadable version available.

Thank you once again for participating in the survey. If you didn’t have luck this time, soon there will be another chance. Stay tuned!