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What’s Happening with tinyPM Lately?

Marcin Niebudek,

We are now over 1000 new accounts further since we’ve released tinyPM 3.0 BETA. Since that time we were working hard on different aspects of a new version of our agile tool. I would like to summarize those efforts and tell you a bit more about the nearest future of tinyPM.

tinyPM 3.0 agile management tool sketches

What we did?

First of all we committed a first sin of software development and decided to rewrite tinyPM from scratch :-) Yes – we did it! And what is more important we do not regret that!

So what it exactly means? We’ve moved from JBoss Seam + JSF + RichFaces + Prototype and Scriptaculous stack to Grails + jQuery + Twitter Bootstrap. Why should you care? Well – you don’t need to, but this means that we can finally do what we really want to do in terms of UI/UX solutions, which was very limited with previous technology. This also means that we will be able to better and faster improve tinyPM for you.

Finally this means that the new tinyPM 3.0 is made to best support its new SaaS environment. You can now just sign up in a few seconds and start using tinyPM. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. We switched technology here too!

New tinyPM no longer uses PayPal which is so troublesome! We’re now using Braintree Payments solution which is light years from PayPal in terms of integration simplicity and usability. But this is probably another story which I will tell you one day if you are interested :-)

New tinyPM version incudes also quite a lot of small changes in the tool itself. This affected language versions, but YOU proved once again to be a great community! It took about a month to get tinyPM back to be translated into 8 languages including German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. Thank you one more time!

What we are working on right now?

We started with SaaS solution, but it doesn’t mean that we’re abandoning the on-site/downloadable version of tinyPM. We are finishing it right now, so it will be available soon. Everyone that is already using tinyPM 2.x will be able to migrate to the new version and of course all the licenses will still work!

Moving from v2.x to v3.0 will be done through migration of projects and wiki in the same way as you can do it right now to move from on-site to SaaS solution (some of you already did that). This means that you will be able to install v3.0 as a separate instance, move selected projects (also leaving behind those that you finished long ago) and test the effects without affecting your current instance.

We are also finishing the timesheet functionality allowing you to record time spent on tasks on a daily basis. This function along with the small fixes and improvements in tinyPM will get us to the final v3.0. So we’re leaving the BETA mode really soon. We actually made new tinyPM 3.0 use a new production environment a while ago, so the BETA is just a name add-on, but now you will know for sure!

What’s next?

Of course we will continue to improve tinyPM as we did for a few years already. We always try to adapt tinyPM to your needs. A few things ahead are:

  • Customizable dashboard and metrics – we will dig through the data tinyPM collects and will give you as many details as possible, so that you can choose which matter to you and so that you can put them on your own personal dashboard
  • Integrations – when you decide to use a SaaS tool, it’s probably because you already got used to a SaaS environment. We will make tinyPM fit better to that environment so that you can use data from your other tools to drive your development in tinyPM.
  • API/imports/exports – we cannot even imagine in how many ways you are analyzing your portfolios, processes and actions. That’s why we will give you back all the data you may need, so that you can always take them with you and report them your way.

We will be posting some more information about those areas here on tinyPM blog. We will also ask you for feedback, so stay tuned!