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Help Translating tinyPM and Win!

Marcin Niebudek,

That’s right. We’ve done it once and now we are doing it again. For tinyPM 3.0 we’ve made a lot of small changes and it influenced also the translations.

You as a tinyPM user can help translate the tool into your language. Why should you do that? Well… Agile tools play the best role in distributed environments where different cultures with different languages meet together. You can make it feel more familiar to your team mates. However we have also something for you personally :-)

Translation Gifts

What do you need?

  • You need to know English and one another language (your national language)
  • You need some time
  • You need to have a SaaS tinyPM account with any plan (PERSONAL is enough)

What are the rules?

  • Top contributor for each language wins a tinyPM t-shirt and a $20 gift certificate.
  • Each other contributor who provides at least 20% of translation gets a tinyPM t-shirt.
  • We will send gifts and include a language in main tinyPM release when it reaches 80% of translation.

Where to start?

You need to log into your own tinyPM. From there you can access translations in the two following ways.

  • First one is to go to your “Account Settings” and there you will find a “Language” and a link to translations application.
  • Second one is to use a “gear” menu in the upper-right corner of the screen, which contains “Translate tinyPM” option.

Translating tinyPM

Oh, by the way… When I’m writing this post we have already Spanish translation done, Portuguese and German in progress with new contributions! You are great!

Update May 8th, 2013

Yeah! There are some translations that are already finished. It’s also great to see some new languages that where not present in previous versions. Great! We’ve already contaced translators and are sending gifts.

  • Spanish
  • Slovenian NEW!
  • Chinese
  • Suomi (Finnish) NEW!
  • French
  • German
  • Russian

A few more are in progress. Gift certificates and T-shirts are waiting!

  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Afrikaans NEW!

tinyPM v2.5 Released

Marcin Niebudek,

So here it is… tinyPM v2.5 is ready for download. This version brings two big features – release planning and SVN itegration. In fact the SVN integration is done through plugin which is the first implementation of history plugins API which we will hopefully be able to open for our community this year.

There is also one more thing which we wouldn’t be able to accomplish without a great work done by the community members. tinyPM gets 7 new translations and has now 13 language versions!

Release planning

We’ve introduced releases in tinyPM projects. They have two functions. First one is that they become markers dividing you planned parts of  backlog, so you can quickly see what’s going to be finished for which version of the product. These are those dark blue bars on the backlog screenshot.

In the other hand future releases give you additional place for unplanned stories. So now it’s possible to divide a large backlog into smaller chunks without planning to many iterations ahead (green boxes in the left column of a backlog).

tinyPM is now also able to forecast release dates based on the estimated effort of stories assigned to each release and an average velocity of your team. Releases can have also planned velocity value defined, which will be used to forecast dates and release performance indicators (similar to those already present on project dashboard) at the beginning of the project when average team velocity is unknown.

SVN Itegration / History Plugins

We’ve built the infrastructure for a new type of plugins (except for the sandbox connectors already present in tinyPM). Those plugins allow to connect to some sources like source code repositories or build servers and collect events (like code commits or build statuses) and put them into the tinyPM’s history timeline. Some of those plugins will also allow to bind those events with user stories.

Along with new API for history plugins we release the first implementation of such a plugin which is able to import code commit messages from Subversion repository and is also able to bind those commits (and changed files list) with stories. All you need to do is to put the user story id like #123 in the commit message and all commited files will be associated with a story having id #123.

You can read more about configuring this plugin in our documentation at:


One more time we want to thank all the tinyPM users who provided translations for their native languages. tinyPM v2.5 is release with the following new translations:

  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian

All users are welcome to improve any of those translations or add new ones at:

If you want to take a look at some of the new features, go to our on-line DEMO:

Full list of changes is always available at:

Help Translating tinyPM and Win a Gift

Marcin Niebudek,

That’s right. You as a tinyPM community member can help translate tinyPM into your language and win a $20 gift certificate for or any other equivalent service  of your choice.

What do I need?

  • You need to know English + one another language
  • You need some time


In our support site where we have provided a tool for translating tinyPM into other languages:

What are the rules?

  • Top translator for each translated language wins a tinyPM t-shirt and a $20 gift certificate.
  • Two next translators win a tinyPM t-shirt.
  • Translator needs to provide at least 25% of the whole translation for the language to win a prize.
  • Language translation needs to be finished (100%) before 15th of November 2010.

So go on… gifts are waiting!

Updated: 15th Nov, 2010

  1. ftuna – Turkish translation 96% – Gift certificate + T-Shirt
  2. Bruno – Spanish translation 49% – Gift certificate + T-Shirt
  3. Jose Rose – Spanish translation 27% – T-Shirt
  4. Igor – Russian translation 100% – Gift certificate + T-Shirt
  5. Ril – French translation 27% – Gift certificate + T-Shirt
  6. intelchen – Chinese translation 100% – Gift certificate + T-Shirt
  7. Yuriy – Ukrainian 100% – Gift certificate + T-Shirt
  8. alainb – Dutch 90% – Git certificate + T-Shirt

You can make tinyPM speak your language!

Marcin Niebudek,

We planned it long time ago and now it’s finally done. You can make tinyPM speak your language. How? Just look at the new “Translations” section in our support site:

Every registered user can add new language or edit translations in existing i18n sets. When the language reaches 80% of translated content, we will make it a part of the official tinyPM releases. So if you are using tinyPM and want it to provide a translation that is friendly to your team or clients, you can now take it in your hands.