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tinyPM 3.0 BETA Public Availability

Marcin Niebudek,

tinyPM agile collaboration tool just got new powers! We are happy to announce that a new 3.0 version is now available as free BETA.

tinyPM 3.0 BETA

BETA means that we did our best so that everything works fine, but there still may be some quirks. Also note that this is the first tinyPM 3.0 version and we are working hard to improve the feature set.

So what do I get?

First of all new tinyPM is a SaaS solution. Sign up in 1 minute and you’re ready to go. All BETA accounts get 5 users and 5 projects for free. And what’s more important those accounts will remain free also after the BETA period. This way we want to thank you for being our early adopters.

In the new version you will find all the well know and well received features from tinyPM v2.x, but done in a better way. To name a few improvements:

  • our UI just got a lot faster,
  • we’ve improved the usability of all features,
  • most content is editable inline now,
  • backlog management has never been easier,
  • you can do anything you need without leaving your taskboard,
  • we now support read-only users, so that your business and clients stay up to date at no additional cost,
  • and many more…

How do I start?

After logging in you will notice a First Steps box on the top of the page. The best way to start is to follow the steps mentioned there. But feel free to choose your own way or just look around. If something seems confusing to you LET US KNOW! tinyPM should be straightforward to you and we will make sure to keep it that way.

I’ve noticed that some features present in tinyPM 2.x are not there. Why?

Don’t worry. tinyPM 3.0 changed completely the technology stack (but this is a story for another post) so that we can do things the way they should be ;-) We will be introducing missing features shortly. If you think that any particular one should be delivered sooner than others, just LET US KNOW!

You can always post your ideas using Settings menu in the top-right corner of the screen. You will find there Have suggestions? options which posts your comments directly on our UserVoice forum for tinyPM 3.0. Make sure to use it often!

I already have my projects in tinyPM 2.x. What now?

You are all fine. We’re working on a migration path. When it’s ready you will be able to move to tinyPM 3.0 at no additional cost. All licenses from tinyPM 2.x will remain valid. We were always providing upgrades for free to all our users. Nothing changes here.

Have problem or questions?

Make sure to get connected with us through one of the following channels. This is the best way to stay up to date with what’s going on with tinyPM.

tinyPM’s mantra remains the same – tiny effort, perfect management, but we also add one more to it. You can always do better.
Still reading… Stop and check out

tinyPM 2.6.2 Released

Marcin Niebudek,

While working hard to release tinyPM 3.0 we’ve decided to make one more release for v2.x which would include the most urgent changes. So here comes days off on iteration burn-down charts as well as a few more improvements and fixes to exports and API.

Those of you who use the releases functionality will find current release charts on all dashboards and on backlog so that you can quickly notice how the release is doing.

As always the full list of changes is available in our documentation. Download new tinyPM today!

Christmas Time and a Sneak Peeks for tinyPM 3.0

Marcin Niebudek,

It’s been silent here recently, but for us this always means one thing… Our team must be working hard on something. And this time it’s tinyPM 3.0, so have a look at the first sneak peak to where tinyPM is heading with its new version!


The video above comes from our early walking skeleton. So what’s in there actually? We’ve decided to change a few things in UI but you will still find all what’s best in tinyPM in a new version, so the v3.0 should not be a shock to all the 2.x users.

The upcoming UI changes include:

  • more client-side behavior so that the UI responds quickly and you don’t loose your current context,
  • most of the create and edit forms will now show up in pop-ups (no more going to separate pages),
  • you will be able to choose between single- and two-column views, cards and table modes (on backlog) and 3 zoom levels of detail for stories and tasks,
  • the UI will be less cluttered and some actions will appear only in the right context (ie. after selecting some stories or tags),
  • charts will get more interactive, so that you can get even more information out of them,
  • most of the data will be editable inline (no more going to separate forms for quick changes on several stories),
  • table view will get more sorting options and (re-)tagging many stories will become no-time operation

We’re doing this and many more in the spirit of our mantra “tiny effort, perfect management“. Here are a few screen shots presenting some of the above changes. You can find more on our Facebook Page.

We hope that you are already in the Christmas mood and would like to wish you all

Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

~ tinyPM Team

tinyPM v2.6 Released

Marcin Niebudek,

We are happy to announce that tinyPM 2.6 is available for download! This version brings highly requested taskboard customization along with largest REST API improvements and extensions since its release with v2.0


Taskboard Customization

We’ve been writing about the taskboard customization lately, so you can watch a short video there and see how it looks like. We’ve also added the ability to hide done stories on taskboard. This will help you work with longer iterations.

If you are shifting from strictly iterative development into more Kanban-like one, then you may extend the default tinyPM taksboard by adding additional states to your flow and treat iterations more like releases.

This means you can create 1-2 months long iteration, turn on hiding done stories and work by continuously adding stories to that iteration. Doing so will let you remove short artificial time boxes and still use some higher level planning.

REST API Improvements

tinyPM 2.6 brings also many API changes request on our feedback forum and in e-mails from our users. You will find for example:

  • new resources to work with comments
  • new resources to work with timesheet data
  • additional resources for accessing and creating stories
  • extended data in already existing resources

All changes has already been updated in API documentation. Most of them should not break any existing applications (unless you parse the data in some custom way). The only change that is not compatible with old versions is task state data. This is due to taskboard customization and the fact that there are no more hard coded task states in tinyPM. You will now need to obtain available states from project resource.

As always the full list of changes is available in our documentation. Download new tinyPM today!

Taskboard Customization in Upcoming tinyPM 2.6

Marcin Niebudek,

The awaited tinyPM 2.6 is almost ready and today we’re showing you the preview video with taskboard customization that will be available in this release.


You will be able to add columns to represent more granular states for tasks that are in progress. You will be also able to rename all existing columns. This will be of course done per project, so you can adjust each project taskboard separately.

Finally when removing taskboard column, all task that are currently in this column (in all iterations across the project) will be automatically moved to the previous state.

User stories will still have three states – pending, in progress and completed. First task state will map to pending status, all task states in the middle will be treated as work in progress higher in the hierarchy and the last task state will be treated as completed status.

This is the first step of introducing more Kanban features in tinyPM. How do you like it?

Moving Stories Between Projects in tinyPM v2.5.5

Marcin Niebudek,

We’ve just released tinyPM v2.5.5 which includes a highly voted option to move stories between projects.

This will create the same story in the target project, with all tasks, comments and attachments. However the tasks will be reset to pending state and all user assignments will be removed.

No time spent entries will be moved. This means that all activity connected with the story in the current project stays where it was performed (including time reports).

You may choose to delete the story in the old project with this action, so it also allows you copy the story and leave the same one also in the source project.


This version brings also updated plugin for:

  • GitHub – which now supports private repositories
  • SVN – which now allows to specify option for trusting self signed server certificates (trustServerCert)
  • RSS – which now supports Atom 0.3 format (used for example in GMail) and handles feeds over https correctly

As usual you will find a full list of changes here:

Zooming the Task Board in tinyPM v2.5.4

Marcin Niebudek,

We’ve just released tinyPM v2.5.4 which gets ua closer to v2.6. The new version contains mostly task board improvements in both performance and usability.

We’ve improved drag’n'drop functionality and added zoom to allow choosing the level of details on task board for better visibility. You can see the changes in this small screen cast that we’ve published on YouTube.


As always you will find the full list of changes at:

Full Text Search in tinyPM v2.5.3

Marcin Niebudek,

We have just released the tinyPM v2.5.3 which brings full text seach for stories and wiki pages. We planned this feature for v2.6 but as it is ready now, then here you go and grab it with v2.5.3.

The search result include right now user stories and wiki pages, but not only user strories are a part of the index, but also story tasks, comments etc.

The new version brings also a Git history plugin. For more details and configuration see our documentation. There are also Sandbox performance improvements and a new translation! This time it’s Swedish (thanks to Björn Johansson). Many thanks also goes to Ademir Moretto for updating our Portuguese translation.

As always you will find the full list of changes at:

New Integrations in tinyPM v2.5.2

Marcin Niebudek,

With version 2.5 we’ve introduced plugins for activity history stream in tinyPM. Today we’re happy to let you know that three more plugins have been released along with tinyPM 2.5.2. You can now connect to Mercurial repositories both hosted on your own servers and those from Bitbucket as well as Git repositories from Github.

This means that now tinyPM history plugins list contains:

  • Mercurial (hg)
  • Bitbucket
  • Github
  • Subversion (SVN)
  • RSS/Atom Feeds

You will find more details about using the new plugins (as well as all other available in tinyPM) in our documentation, which has been updated recently at:

You’ve probably noticed that the list is missing Git repositories hosted outside of Github. That’s right, but the plugin is on the way :-) so stay tuned.

As always we want to thank our community users who provide fixes to the tinyPM translations (some of them are also included in v2.5.2). You all rock!

Please take a look at the full list of changes for v2.5.2 in the change log.

tinyPM v2.5 Released

Marcin Niebudek,

So here it is… tinyPM v2.5 is ready for download. This version brings two big features – release planning and SVN itegration. In fact the SVN integration is done through plugin which is the first implementation of history plugins API which we will hopefully be able to open for our community this year.

There is also one more thing which we wouldn’t be able to accomplish without a great work done by the community members. tinyPM gets 7 new translations and has now 13 language versions!

Release planning

We’ve introduced releases in tinyPM projects. They have two functions. First one is that they become markers dividing you planned parts of  backlog, so you can quickly see what’s going to be finished for which version of the product. These are those dark blue bars on the backlog screenshot.

In the other hand future releases give you additional place for unplanned stories. So now it’s possible to divide a large backlog into smaller chunks without planning to many iterations ahead (green boxes in the left column of a backlog).

tinyPM is now also able to forecast release dates based on the estimated effort of stories assigned to each release and an average velocity of your team. Releases can have also planned velocity value defined, which will be used to forecast dates and release performance indicators (similar to those already present on project dashboard) at the beginning of the project when average team velocity is unknown.

SVN Itegration / History Plugins

We’ve built the infrastructure for a new type of plugins (except for the sandbox connectors already present in tinyPM). Those plugins allow to connect to some sources like source code repositories or build servers and collect events (like code commits or build statuses) and put them into the tinyPM’s history timeline. Some of those plugins will also allow to bind those events with user stories.

Along with new API for history plugins we release the first implementation of such a plugin which is able to import code commit messages from Subversion repository and is also able to bind those commits (and changed files list) with stories. All you need to do is to put the user story id like #123 in the commit message and all commited files will be associated with a story having id #123.

You can read more about configuring this plugin in our documentation at:


One more time we want to thank all the tinyPM users who provided translations for their native languages. tinyPM v2.5 is release with the following new translations:

  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian

All users are welcome to improve any of those translations or add new ones at:

If you want to take a look at some of the new features, go to our on-line DEMO:

Full list of changes is always available at: