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tinyPM v2.6 Released

Marcin Niebudek,

We are happy to announce that tinyPM 2.6 is available for download! This version brings highly requested taskboard customization along with largest REST API improvements and extensions since its release with v2.0


Taskboard Customization

We’ve been writing about the taskboard customization lately, so you can watch a short video there and see how it looks like. We’ve also added the ability to hide done stories on taskboard. This will help you work with longer iterations.

If you are shifting from strictly iterative development into more Kanban-like one, then you may extend the default tinyPM taksboard by adding additional states to your flow and treat iterations more like releases.

This means you can create 1-2 months long iteration, turn on hiding done stories and work by continuously adding stories to that iteration. Doing so will let you remove short artificial time boxes and still use some higher level planning.

REST API Improvements

tinyPM 2.6 brings also many API changes request on our feedback forum and in e-mails from our users. You will find for example:

  • new resources to work with comments
  • new resources to work with timesheet data
  • additional resources for accessing and creating stories
  • extended data in already existing resources

All changes has already been updated in API documentation. Most of them should not break any existing applications (unless you parse the data in some custom way). The only change that is not compatible with old versions is task state data. This is due to taskboard customization and the fact that there are no more hard coded task states in tinyPM. You will now need to obtain available states from project resource.

As always the full list of changes is available in our documentation. Download new tinyPM today!

Taskboard Customization in Upcoming tinyPM 2.6

Marcin Niebudek,

The awaited tinyPM 2.6 is almost ready and today we’re showing you the preview video with taskboard customization that will be available in this release.


You will be able to add columns to represent more granular states for tasks that are in progress. You will be also able to rename all existing columns. This will be of course done per project, so you can adjust each project taskboard separately.

Finally when removing taskboard column, all task that are currently in this column (in all iterations across the project) will be automatically moved to the previous state.

User stories will still have three states – pending, in progress and completed. First task state will map to pending status, all task states in the middle will be treated as work in progress higher in the hierarchy and the last task state will be treated as completed status.

This is the first step of introducing more Kanban features in tinyPM. How do you like it?