tinyPM API and Backlog Preview

Marcin Niebudek

tinyPM v2.0 is coming in September and as it will contain the biggest changes so far we decided to release a preview of two features in our DEMO.


 Login with users demo1demo4 (with the same password)

tinyPM API over HTTP

The main theme of a new tinyPM version is opening our tool to external systems and integrations. As a first step we decided to provide a REST-like API over HTTP for all common tinyPM resources, which means we’ve tried to make the API follow the REST principles as much as we could. So if you were looking for ways to get tinyPM data out of the application and found the already existing “Export to CSV” option to be too limited, the API is for you.

tinyPM API

We’ve setup the tinyPM DEMO application with the API enabled, so you check how it looks like right away. Along with a new API we’ve started a new site for tinyPM documentation which we will soon update with even more helpful resources. Take a look at:


Backlog (redesigned)

We’ve redesigned the project backlog view and enhanced it with some new options:

  • it uses available space better
  • allows to prioritize stories within iterations/sprints with by simply dragging and dropping them
  • allows to move stories between iterations and unplanned set of stories
  • provides sidebar with basic project information which can be hidden to add even more space for main backlog contents
  • has to view types: list and cards

tinyPM 2.0 Backlog

New  backlog is a first part of usability changes that we hope will make tinyPM even easier to use for a Product Owner and at the same time will make it yet more powerful. We’re also working on tuning the taskboard and dashboard views for the v2.0 release.

tinyPM 2.0 Backlog (card view)

More to come…

Among other changes coming in  tinyPM 2.0 you may also expect to find:

  • personal RSS feeds with tinyPM activity history
  • time and budget tracking (long awaited no 1 from our Feedback Forum)
  • more e-mail notifications and enhancements

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