Moving Stories Between Projects in tinyPM v2.5.5

Marcin Niebudek

We’ve just released tinyPM v2.5.5 which includes a highly voted option to move stories between projects.

This will create the same story in the target project, with all tasks, comments and attachments. However the tasks will be reset to pending state and all user assignments will be removed.

No time spent entries will be moved. This means that all activity connected with the story in the current project stays where it was performed (including time reports).

You may choose to delete the story in the old project with this action, so it also allows you copy the story and leave the same one also in the source project.


This version brings also updated plugin for:

  • GitHub – which now supports private repositories
  • SVN – which now allows to specify option for trusting self signed server certificates (trustServerCert)
  • RSS – which now supports Atom 0.3 format (used for example in GMail) and handles feeds over https correctly

As usual you will find a full list of changes here:

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