History RSS Feeds and Taskboard Preview

Marcin Niebudek

We’ve revealed two more changes for tinyPM v2.0 which is coming in mid September. You can take a look at them, as well as earlier announced API and backlog changes, in our DEMO application:


 Login with users demo1demo4 (with the same password)

Activity History RSS Feeds

Now you can stay up to date with all activities in your tinyPM by subscribing personal RSS feed with history events. This will be token based and will require turning on the RSS feature in the settings section (turned off by default).

 RSS Feeds

Taskboard (redesigned)

We’ve redesigned the project taskboard view and enhanced it with some new options:

  • it uses available space better
  • allows to do more with taks by just dragging them around like on the real white board
  • allows to quickly drag new top priority stories directly to the current iteration (good option if all other are done and there is some time before the end of iteration)
  • provides sidebar with basic project information which can be hidden
  • has to view types: all stories view and personal stories view (only stories that you work on or need to accept)
  • sidebar provides a quick look at other stories (from other projects) that you’ve committed to

tinyPM 2.0 Taskboard


tinyPM 2.0 Taskboard (views)

More to come…

Among other changes coming in  tinyPM 2.0 you may also expect to find:

  • time and budget tracking (long awaited no 1 from our Feedback Forum)

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