Christmas Time and a Sneak Peeks for tinyPM 3.0

Marcin Niebudek

It’s been silent here recently, but for us this always means one thing… Our team must be working hard on something. And this time it’s tinyPM 3.0, so have a look at the first sneak peak to where tinyPM is heading with its new version!


The video above comes from our early walking skeleton. So what’s in there actually? We’ve decided to change a few things in UI but you will still find all what’s best in tinyPM in a new version, so the v3.0 should not be a shock to all the 2.x users.

The upcoming UI changes include:

  • more client-side behavior so that the UI responds quickly and you don’t loose your current context,
  • most of the create and edit forms will now show up in pop-ups (no more going to separate pages),
  • you will be able to choose between single- and two-column views, cards and table modes (on backlog) and 3 zoom levels of detail for stories and tasks,
  • the UI will be less cluttered and some actions will appear only in the right context (ie. after selecting some stories or tags),
  • charts will get more interactive, so that you can get even more information out of them,
  • most of the data will be editable inline (no more going to separate forms for quick changes on several stories),
  • table view will get more sorting options and (re-)tagging many stories will become no-time operation

We’re doing this and many more in the spirit of our mantra “tiny effort, perfect management“. Here are a few screen shots presenting some of the above changes. You can find more on our Facebook Page.

We hope that you are already in the Christmas mood and would like to wish you all

Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

~ tinyPM Team


  1. Debbie -

    When will Version 3 be available for download? I like the two column views and editing inline on tasks will be useful. Thanks.

  2. Marcin Niebudek -

    We plan to release beta version at the end of January, however it will be available as SaaS in the first place. Downloadable version along with a migration/upgrade procedure for v2.x will be probably available around March 2012.

  3. Flo -

    Great to hear a 3.0 is coming soon and I am even more happier to hear that you will keep a non SaaS version as more and more companies are going full SaaS but sometimes you just want your data in house…

    The 3.0 screenshots look great, looking forward to see the new taskboard as well.

    We’re a small team with the free version and TinyPM really helped us, we plan to grow this year and will definately continue to use this great product !

    Best regards


  4. Marcin Niebudek -

    Thanks! We understand perfectly that we should keep the downloadable version. Also existing clients won’t be forced to migrate to SaaS. It will be possible to upgrade to 3.0.

  5. Kevin -


    Any update on when TinyPM 3.0 will make an appearance?


  6. Marcin Niebudek -

    We’re almost there… ;-)

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