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Bye, bye Oldie

Paulina Tomczyk,

It already is! The new version of documentation in tinyPM. For those who like to wade through the jungle we left the good old one here. The brand new, more civilized edition, equipped with intuitive menus, which we have prepared using Grails, is available here ( We changed the design to a more modern, transparent and consistent color.


Fast but not furious

Previous documentation of tinyPM had a one continuous layout. The new one has a division into sections. It’s easier to navigate as well thanks to the added menu, always displayed on the side. The documentation includes a description of:

tinyPM Docs

From Grails with love

The documentation is generated using the standard mechanism of Grails to create the documentation for the application. Check it out here: We adapted it to the very great needs of tinyPM to work on our own templates and css styles. The result? A completely different look, and underneath the same syntax wiki for quick and easy creation of documentation.

How do you like it? Are there any gaps, lacks or mistaken attacks? :-)

Agile Has No Brain…

Marcin Niebudek,

Today it’s gonna be really short post. In fact I just want to post a picture here…

Agile Has No Brain

And ask you…

Does it mean anything to you?

Help Translating tinyPM and Win!

Marcin Niebudek,

That’s right. We’ve done it once and now we are doing it again. For tinyPM 3.0 we’ve made a lot of small changes and it influenced also the translations.

You as a tinyPM user can help translate the tool into your language. Why should you do that? Well… Agile tools play the best role in distributed environments where different cultures with different languages meet together. You can make it feel more familiar to your team mates. However we have also something for you personally :-)

Translation Gifts

What do you need?

  • You need to know English and one another language (your national language)
  • You need some time
  • You need to have a SaaS tinyPM account with any plan (PERSONAL is enough)

What are the rules?

  • Top contributor for each language wins a tinyPM t-shirt and a $20 gift certificate.
  • Each other contributor who provides at least 20% of translation gets a tinyPM t-shirt.
  • We will send gifts and include a language in main tinyPM release when it reaches 80% of translation.

Where to start?

You need to log into your own tinyPM. From there you can access translations in the two following ways.

  • First one is to go to your “Account Settings” and there you will find a “Language” and a link to translations application.
  • Second one is to use a “gear” menu in the upper-right corner of the screen, which contains “Translate tinyPM” option.

Translating tinyPM

Oh, by the way… When I’m writing this post we have already Spanish translation done, Portuguese and German in progress with new contributions! You are great!

Update May 8th, 2013

Yeah! There are some translations that are already finished. It’s also great to see some new languages that where not present in previous versions. Great! We’ve already contaced translators and are sending gifts.

  • Spanish
  • Slovenian NEW!
  • Chinese
  • Suomi (Finnish) NEW!
  • French
  • German
  • Russian

A few more are in progress. Gift certificates and T-shirts are waiting!

  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Afrikaans NEW!

Holiday Season Greetings from tinyPM!

Marcin Niebudek,

Although we all expect the end of the World tomorrow :-) we would like to wish you a Great Holiday Season and a Happy New Year 2013! Thank you for being with us this year.

It’s been a bit quiet here lately but those of you following tinyPM know already that we were working on tinyPM 3.0. Many of you already took a chance to test it. Many have waited for us to leave the BETA mode. The wait is almost over… But hey… Take a look a this :-)

Once again Merry Christmas and stay tuned!

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Merry Christmas from tinyPM!

Marcin Niebudek,






~ tinyPM Team

The State of Agile

Marcin Niebudek,

I was invited to write my point of view about the current state of agile and its future for “The State of Agile” series at This was a great pleasure and honor as I found myself in a great company of agile community members. It is also a great read about agile viewed from many different angles.

You can read my post at:

I also highly encourage you to read other post in the series by: