Back from AgileEE 2010

Marcin Niebudek

A few days ago we came back from a great AgileEE 2010. It was a really good event which I personally find very inspiring. This is also why we’re extremely happy to be a small part of it as a bronze sponsor.

We posted a full list of speakers some time ago, but one photo stands for 1000 words, so see them all on one stage:

I’m sure everybody found something interesting in Kiev/Kyiv but just in case somebody wanted even more, we gave away some top agile books. So once again congratulations to the lucky ones and if you missed the conference – regret and make sure to be there next year.

In the meantime you can see most of the presentations at the conference site. Videos will also come soon.

We’ve taken some photos, which you can watch on our Flickr photo stream… Many thanks to all the people involved in the conference and other sponsors who made it possible.

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