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Piotr Romanowski

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From Don Reinertsen’s “Managing the Design Factory”


There is no need to say how crucial it is to use proper tools in order to achieve specific results. Just like in the above quote, we need to bear in mind that if we use a good – or rather, the best tool, it will “enhance our ability to achieve a certain effect”.

It’s not a rocket science but a very important rule. If you’re running a project you need to find the best tool that will help you manage your projects efficiently. It’s also important that ‘the best tool’ you find should be as simple in use as possible. You don’t want to waste your time to understand how this tool works, do you? Instead, you want to use it here and now!

That’s why we’ve created tinyPM – a simple, intuitive and a smart agile collaboration tool.
Here you can find a sneak peak of some of our great features:


A place where the vision of your product takes shape. TinyPM not only lets you create your backlog but what is more important, it allows you to groom it. Reordering of user stories with a drag and drop feature, sort and filter them. Quickly tag many stories, change their colors. Edit story details through in-line editable fields.


This is a place closest to a white board on your wall. This is where things get done on daily basis. You can shape your flow as you like, starting with three progress statuses we give you. Feel free to add more and take control over your board!
It’s up to you! Move them around, leave comments, assign as many team members as you wish. This is a place where developers rule and we help them seed up their work.


User stories
tinyPM gives you more than just a post-it note to write on. Swarm over user story, discuss it, attach details, tag it (if it’s hard to split a product into hierarchical structure, give it more dimensions), use different card colors and feel the power of visual management.


Customizable view
Different job may require you to look at at your data differently. When you start your project and plan ahead, things look different than when you are in the middle of your work. We understand that and provide you with customizable view options. Choose between cards and tables, change zoom level to hide or show more details. Switch between 1-column and 2-columns view whenever you need.


In order to get all of tinyPM awesome features go to:

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