Advice on Starting With Agile

Marcin Niebudek

Last week we got an e-mail from a user who found tinyPM and actually wanted to start using agile approach in his team. He asked for advice on where to start. I thought later on that I should actually post the advice here. So here it is…

There are tons of places that you can learn more about agile, but I think that there is this one perfect for starting quickly and getting the most ideas in one place. It’s a book by Henrik Kniberg called “Scrum and XP from the Trenches”:

This short book will give you a perfect overview. In addition to that you should take a look at one unique blog about Visual Management:

And that brings me to an advice I need to give you at this point. I assume your team works in one place. So if you are starting with agile then read the book and build yourself a board like it’s described on Visual Management blog. Than try it out for a few weeks just by using cards, whiteboard and pens. Don’t touch any other tool unless you really need the project information stored in some electronic way.

The most important is for your team to feel the mechanics and the idea of these methods. They all depend a lot on direct communication and this is what your team needs to get used to in the first place. Then you can decide if you need a tool and this is a place where tinyPM will come very handy.

This is the shortest advice I can give. What advice can you give to a beginning agile adepts?

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