Help Translating tinyPM and Win a Gift

Marcin Niebudek

That’s right. You as a tinyPM community member can help translate tinyPM into your language and win a $20 gift certificate for or any other equivalent serviceĀ  of your choice.

What do I need?

  • You need to know English + one another language
  • You need some time


In our support site where we have provided a tool for translating tinyPM into other languages:

What are the rules?

  • Top translator for each translated language wins a tinyPM t-shirt and a $20 gift certificate.
  • Two next translators win a tinyPM t-shirt.
  • Translator needs to provide at least 25% of the whole translation for the language to win a prize.
  • Language translation needs to be finished (100%) before 15th of November 2010.

So go on… gifts are waiting!

Updated: 15th Nov, 2010

  1. ftuna – Turkish translation 96% – Gift certificate + T-Shirt
  2. Bruno – Spanish translation 49% – Gift certificate + T-Shirt
  3. Jose Rose – Spanish translation 27% – T-Shirt
  4. Igor – Russian translation 100% – Gift certificate + T-Shirt
  5. Ril – French translation 27% – Gift certificate + T-Shirt
  6. intelchen – Chinese translation 100% – Gift certificate + T-Shirt
  7. Yuriy – Ukrainian 100% – Gift certificate + T-Shirt
  8. alainb – Dutch 90% – Git certificate + T-Shirt


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